To Offer Our Expertise...

We've Been Doing This for Awhile Now...


We were building website since about as early as one could build a website! Since 1995. We've seen the whole thing unfold, so we know where it's been and have a real good "feel" for where it's going by keeping our "nose in the news" of the internet.

There we go again blowing our own horn about how good we are, but let's check in with some clients and see what they think:

"This website by far is the most thorough, well thought out and most organized non-profit website I have encountered."

— P. Cruz, Stop-Gap Theatre Group

When we commit to a project we are ALL IN and work with all of energies toward a set goal. We know why we're here and where we're headed at all times. As Lisa felt about our work on a print and web campaign awhile ago. They wanted to time a series of trade publication ads with corresponding interactive online content over a series of four months that would generate "media buzz" within their industry leading up to a trade show product unveiling.... but needed help in bringing their ideas into fruition. That's where we come in:

"I love this!! Thanks Dale for doing such a great job and making it ALL happen."

— Lisa Altman, Director of Marketing, Caldwell/VSR

Another benefit to our services, is that we got started in print waaay before the internet and we still do that type of work for our clients. So when you add that to the level of regular — and Internet marketing strategies we've mastered, it's like getting a tour de force from a small organization. Costs are under control and creative is spearheaded. And Quality of work? Again... let the clients tell the story:

"We had a wonderful response from our ad and mailer. If we can ever be a reference for how well your work pulls, be sure and have them call us!"

— BBC Computer Liquidators

We love what we do and we want to do it for you!

A strategic, ongoing website management plan is like an annuity. The longer you keep at it the more the rewards continue to accrue.

REMEMBER: Years of experience are drawn upon in my sincere efforts to help you prosper.