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My clients find me mostly through referrals

Dale Wozny Media provides businesses with expert creative, visual design and marketing services covering Website Design, Website Maintenance, Web Marketing, Social Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Email Marketing and Print Design Services.


n 1988, Dale Wozny Media had one client. That client was treated like royalty. It wasn't long before that one person told another person about their positive experience. That person told someone else, who in turn, also passed it along that Dale Wozny Media consistently does a great job.

As a result, I quickly learned the true power of just one person—that one person being our client.

Twenty-six years later I have grown and thrived largely on referrals.

Twenty-six years later, I still do work for that first client (we've told them there are others though!).

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REMEMBER: People are out there searching every minute of every day for the product/service you have. I can be sure they're finding you!