Why I Do It

I like to help people. If I didn't I wouldn't be in this business in the first place!

I like to bring our expertise to the table to solve creative and marketing problems for my clients and I enjoy what I do.



And my customers
speak for my work:

"Dale gave me what I wanted, when I wanted it. And that wasn't easy. He rebuilt our entire website inside of two weeks. Little changes, big changes and everything in between. He knows his code AND was able to design exactly the look and feel we were after. Thanks, Dale."

— Bob Silver, Silver & Lee Executive Recruitment


"This website by far is the most thorough, well thought out and most organized non-profit website I have encountered."

— P. Cruz, Stop-Gap Theatre Group


Our website revenue increased by $30,000.00 the second month after (your re-design of) the site went online. Great Job!

— D. Cynaumon, A Better Way of Learning, Creator of The Phonics Game

We had a wonderful response from our ad and mailer. If we can ever be a reference for how well your work pulls, be sure and have them call us!

— BBC Computer Liquidators


Dale, we really appreciate your design of our website and your willingness to work with us to maximize its optimum potential. Thanks again for all your efforts.

— Victoria Bryan, Co-founder and Managing Director, STOP-GAP Theatre Group


"We wanted to install a 24 hours webcam for a period of 18 months to capture and document the construction of our new police station. We were looking for a vendor to both install and maintain the camera as well as develop a time-lapse "movie" of the construction upon completion. We found Dale through an Internet search, so it was really out of the blue. He met with us at the construction site and surveyed the situation then came back with a cost-effective plan for the entire project, and basically made us feel comfortable that choosing him as our vendor would be the right choice. There were a lot of variables in the project from where the camera was to be mounted, how it would transmit to the base unit and how we would integrate our internal network with the "external" camera feed etc. etc., so it was a pretty involved task with a lot of unknowns. Dale made it easy by taking care of everything for us and making sure we were happy. I would recommend Dale and his team for any projects he's willing to take on."

— William Lin, Hawthorne, CA Police Department.


"My website for musical instruments retail is already creating a major buzz amongst music fans all around the world. I'm constantly getting comments from customers saying that the website that Dale created is the best of its kind that they've ever seen. I have to agree. It's been a tremendous boon to my business. And I know that it's going to get better and better as time goes by."

— Ed Yoon, Owner, Tone Merchants


"I love this!! Thanks for doing such a great job and making it ALL happen."

— Lisa Altman, Director of Marketing, Caldwell/VSR


"...Here is my company information for the "Virtual Exhibit Hall" on the MARVELOUS, FANTASTIC, TrainingDome site. You have done a TERRIFIC job on putting all of Lorraine's great knowledge into a site that is the best I have ever seen, and believe me, I see thousands a day! Congratulations to both of you for a better than PERFECT site!"

— Sonia Savage, Savage Cyber Search


"You are doing a great job, Dale... I showed the site to the attorneys who did our incorporation, and they thought it was PURE GENIUS... they loved the graphics and the way the building turns... and they said they really like the whole "dome" idea... (these are the same guys who told me they would show off the completed site to their attorneys in-house and to their clients, when we are ready to look for sponsors.)"

— Lorraine D'Ignazio, President & CEO, TrainingDOME


"Hi Dale:   I finally got to see the whole site put together this evening and I now know why Tom was so thrilled with it! Thanks for all your hard work! I am honestly overjoyed with the overall look and content!"

— Donna Klein, District Director, Assemblyman Tom Harman Campaign.


"I recently worked with Dale Wozny to create the site for Health Recruitment Specialists. Dale was constrained by my previous HRS corporate design. Nevertheless, I think he did a great job formatting what was certainly cumbersome and less than exciting material. And, he did this in a timely fashion with a focus on customer service."

— Misti McDaniel, Executive VP, Health Recruitment Specialists



Here's an email referral sent by a current client to a prospective client:

"My husband, Jim Brunke, asked me to refer you to a website designer and I am pleased to provide you with the name of someone whom I have worked with (and still work with) in graphic design for many years. He lives in SoCal and is really terrific. He is very technically skilled as well as has a very creative perspective. His prices are reasonable and he works quickly, if needed. I highly recommend him. I have given him your name, email and voice. Feel free to contact him to discuss your needs."

— S. Brunke, Creative & Media Services


I love what I do and I want to do it for you!

CALL ME. Call me for a quote on your next marketing project: (805) 705-3858.