To Offer My Expertise...

I've Been Doing This for Awhile Now...


I was building websites since about as early as one could build a website! Since 1995. I've seen the whole thing unfold, so I know where it's been and have a real good "feel" for where it's going by keeping my "nose in the news" of the internet.

There I go again blowing my own horn about how good I am, but let's check in with some clients and see what they think:

"This website by far is the most thorough, well thought out and most organized non-profit website I have encountered."

— P. Cruz, Stop-Gap Theatre Group

When I commit to a project I am ALL IN and work with all of my energy toward a set goal. I know why I'm here and where I'm headed at all times. As Lisa felt about my work on a print and web campaign awhile ago. They wanted to time a series of trade publication ads with corresponding interactive online content over a series of four months that would generate "media buzz" within their industry leading up to a trade show product unveiling.... but needed help in bringing their ideas into fruition. That's where I come in:

"I love this!! Thanks Dale for doing such a great job and making it ALL happen."

— Lisa Altman, Director of Marketing, Caldwell/VSR

Another benefit to my services, is that I got started in print waaaaay before the internet and I still do that type of work for my clients. So when you add that to the level of regular — and Internet marketing strategies I've mastered, it's like getting a tour de force from a single person. Costs are under control and creative is spearheaded. And Quality of work? Again... let the clients tell the story:

"We had a wonderful response from our ad and mailer. If we can ever be a reference for how well your work pulls, be sure and have them call us!"

— BBC Computer Liquidators

We love what we do and we want to do it for you!

A strategic, ongoing website management plan is like an annuity. The longer you keep at it the more the rewards continue to accrue.

REMEMBER: Years of experience are drawn upon in my sincere efforts to help you prosper.