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My approach to website maintenance is an all inclusive attention to detail on every aspect of a website, with a prime focus on marketing.  After all, a website is essentially a marketing tool whose purpose is to help build your business.

The various aspects of an Internet presence as detailed on this page are the areas I pay special attention to in order to achieve your business goals.  I use years of experience, a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of marketing principles executed to deliver consistent results.

I evaluate your site's weak points and set a course for a website upgrade. I follow that with an array of web promotion options which are part of our ongoing strategic marketing efforts including:


• Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or just "SEO" is still the most effective method of driving traffic to your site from the search engines. I am a seasoned expert in this field with over 15 years experience.

When I integrate solid SEO with other methods of Internet marketing—all coordinated from the same source—the results are truly remarkable. For Example, these actual clients reports all have over 10 pages of NUMBER ONES RANKED PHRASES ALONE across all the Search Engines! 1 - 2 - 3
More SEO information here.


• Content Improvements & Copywriting

Content Improvements & Copy writing - Revised content = Search Engine Magnetism. It is important that you utilize every instance to draw in the thousands of visitors who are already out there searching for the product/service you have waiting. Proper web copy writing leveraging important keyphrases will help get your pages listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo!


• Fine-tune the Call To Action

Call To Action. It is important that when visitors arrive at your site they are motivated into action. That may be to provide an EMail address to accept a download of a White Paper, or it means that they purchase a product. Whatever the prime objective is for the site, I ensure it is communicated as effectively as possible.


• Social Media Marketing

The statistics are in. Social Media Marketing is a critical aspect to any website if they want to target that demographic and be found "in that part of town". I've developed a streamlined approach to Social Media Marketing which delivers most of the benefits without demanding the constant attention and efforts typically involved.
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• Directory Marketing

Directory Marketing is a tried-and-true method of building your sites back-link power. It takes time to develop links from what are often hand-edited directories, but it's worth the wait because these links stick. Back-links translate into higher Google Page Rank which translates into more traffic.
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• Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still a great way to tun website visitors into long-time customers. Check out several sample EMail blast designs.
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• Press Release Marketing

Press Release Marketing is essential for a number of reasons: It creates perhaps the most stable, long-term, quality back-links available. And it brings your brand to niches in the internet you would not otherwise have links coming from. It weighs in prominently into your Page Rank—again an important factor in your overall site profile.
More Press Release Marketing information here.


• Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to begin capturing rankings for phrases that people are already searching on, but are not directly associated with your website. The very first thing I do is prepare a complete set of relevant articles as I take on a fresh SEO project.
More Article Marketing information here.


• Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing is a tried-and-true strategy of Internet marketing and one that can be used to great results with a little ingenuity and a lot of persistence. A frequently kept up Blog coupled with valuable information for your market segment can have "legs" as they say in advertising—meaning that it will take off in the blogosphere. And the more general the topic, that is, the more widely appealing to the general public, the better.
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• Video Marketing

Video Marketing is but one aspect contributing to what is called "rich media" and it can be a real asset to your business. With so many distractions on the web these days, users respond well to video because it can both educate and inform in an easy to digest format. Check out our effective marketing video examples I've prepared for several clients on my video marketing page to see the type of boost I can add to your company's marketing.
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and more...

I take care of your website as if it were my own.  Contact me for a free website maintenance consultation.