Press Release Marketing

I assist my clients in three key areas of a Press Release Marketing campaign:

• Design — I help in identifying those aspects of your business that are newsworthy.

• Dissemination — I craft a story that is both informative and engaging.

• Tracking — I take the time to submit your press release to numerous important sites plus I link back from your site once they have been published in order to maximize on the SEO backlink value for your site.


Review Some of my Press Releases

With the advent of Social Media, Press Releases have gotten a New Lease on Life

Press release help drive interest; they have viral possibilites; they improve brand image; they help enhance your SEO efforts. You cannot ignore their value as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Have a look at some of the press releases I have prepared for several clients below, then give me a call to help develop a press release marketing strategy for your company.

I assist my clients in three key areas of an Email Marketing campaign:

• Design — I help in developing the concept, the copy writing and the visual construction of the EMail blast.

• Dissemination — I use a popular service which sends out a very professional looking blast and includes list management capabilities.

• Tracking — In addition to list management, I also provide detailed tracking reports. (see an example here.)

Review Design Samples Below

Review several of my Press Release examples on this page. You'll quickly see that I have what it takes to market your product/service effectively.