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The Methods I Use to Deliver Results:


Research is where it all begins.

You know where you want to be, but it's my job to develop a strategy to get there.

I spend the time to determine who and where your audience is, and how best to reach them online.  I then develop a plan.  Are they on social media?  And if so, which is the best platform to engage them.  Or maybe EMail is the best way to reach your target audience.  With that information, I develop a creative strategy to move them to action.  It may be with video... it may be through Pay-Per-Click, or organic search—or maybe an integrated combination of the three.

Then I go to work.

And I back up all of my work with detailed reporting to show progress in achieving well-stated goals.

Results then produces happy clients.  See our testimonials here.



We're on the First page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing!!!
That's right. Utilizing a proven strategy honed over years of specializing in this elusive element of internet marketing, I've demonstrated time and time again that I can take a site from oblivion to the top. It takes a little time, but once the traffic starts rolling in the effectiveness and "value" of a proven search engine optimization strategy far outweighs the effect of pay-per-click. In other words, to try and achieve the same penetration with PPC will cost a small fortune in comparison.

Check out several companies for whom I've "brought in the traffic" with First Page Google rankings.



60% of All Online Sales are the Result of Merchant "Reach Out" Marketing

A real eye-opener of a statistic, right?

I know the true value of "relationship marketing" and I know how to cultivate such customers. Have a look at any of the EMail Blast samples I've designed and you'll quickly see that I have what it takes to market your product/service.

Click here to view SAMPLES of Email Blasts I've designed.


Social Media is where people are these days.  Ignore it at your own peril!

I do everything I can to help my clients succeed in the social arena, and a good part of that is knowing how and when to use the various internet marketing technologies available in the right measure.  My approach to Social Media marketing is no different.

  • Examples of Social Media Pages I've prepared for clients + numerous Post Examples here: Social Marketing



The power of a quality Press Release cannot be undersold. In terms of informing the public at large, to generating top quality back-links. Back-links are considered valuable by Google because they represent a genuine vote for a site as they are voluntarily added.

Further, press release sites are far more likely to retain the back-link for years are they will most definitely archive their data in such as way as to remain available online, hence a quality, long-standing back-link is the result.

I understand how to craft a Press Release to be as effective as possible in terms of links, keyphrases, and of course actual content.

Here are a several press releases I've created for my clients:

Let me set up a press release marketing campaign for your website.



I realized soon after I began building websites in 1995 that promoting one's website is the most critical aspect to having a website.

That's why I was quick to urge my clients onto the blogoshpere. The value of a quality blog cannot be underestimated. It says to your customers that you have something valuable to offer, and it says to Google "I'm over here! Help me tell the world about our products!"

A few of the many Blogs I've set up for clients over the last several years:

  • MarkeTrainer
       — Online Sales Training - BLOG
  • Dr. Eric Johnson
       — San Clemente Dentist - BLOG
  • Steve Counts
       — Personal Injury Attorney - BLOG
  • Accuspeech Mobile
       — Software Company - BLOG



It's no longer considered "Web Marketing"... It's just Marketing.  And if you're not on top of it, you're behind the curve... and falling fast.

Most likely, your web marketing strategy plays less of a supporting role in your overall marketing plan than it once did and is becoming more and more critical to your company's success.

With the marketing landscape shifting so dramatically, the fact is, a solid search engine marketing company is practically required if you want to stay afloat in the online world.

Fortunately, I've been keeping pace with the phenomenal growth of search marketing, email marketing services and search engine optimization to name a few of the many Internet Marketing strategies I routinely leverage for my clients.

These strategies all have but one aim:
to draw in more prospects for your product or service.

Our varied and extensive expertise in ALL areas of traditional marketing as well as online marketing come into play as I identify your target audience, then devise a creatively strategic way to make contact.

But it doesn't end there!

I take a special approach in that I don't JUST build your site and leave, but I also manage your site so when the visitors DO come as a result of my marketing efforts, their visit is as rich and informative as possible while I take every opportunity to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers.

Take a moment to review my case studies by clicking on the tabs to the above right for details, then contact me to help promote your site to the fullest.